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Growth Generation

Growth begins with the hearts of your audience.

Growth generation

The old marketing model begins with the goal and its ad-like time frame. That’s over.

It takes 2-20 steps (or more) before “they” buy, and “they” are a specifically small 2-20% of everyone you reach. And for the many who will never buy, encourage them to share.


Content is not an ad on a site which most advertisers trust. It is a piece of a sequence that most create randomly, even today.

Key insights

  • Digital Marketing is often only based on an old model, search. Everywhere people say, start with the keywords, because that is what people search for…but people on social aren’t searching.
  • Search has a goal, while social media does not; if your model begins with a behavior that has high intention to buy (search), that’s great. But if your model is social, the same actions you take in search will poison your social results, because the content has to guide, subtly and slowly, the consumer.
  • No marketer likes subtle and slow, they want fast and now. Marketing budgets should grow over time, from 10-20% initial return in 30 days to full conversion 6 months later, depending on product.
  • Even this is just one model that cannot be copied, because marketing is truly a fingerprint. Not just of you, the brand, or your business, but of the customer, because it’s their social story you are entering.

If you really want to trust your marketing, you will custom design the approach, timing, events, and pattern interrupts (where you interrupt the routines for your content, and your audience), and gaining actionable data on your audience that can actually benefit them, and you.


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