Growth is the Focus

Why the Growth Generators Framework we’ve developed building our own projects is so key for you.

Today you have to get people sharing and talking about you, as well as buying; this is the merger of branding and revenue into one strategy, Attention  Conversion. To be found today, you have to be known to your customer and the social world – even Google and Facebook define your business value by the social graph, the connections you have and the activity they generate for you.

It’s not just how much you sell, but how much other people tell their friends and networks about you. Attention Conversion  is a way of doing business now, in real time with your customers, by measuring the referral and social activity of your audience and customers first, then directing them to consider purchasing or sharing your business message.

Simply Responsive is the new way of doing business.

We know more than social media or marketing, we know how to blend them to generate results for an amazing group of clients.

Level 1. Coaching 

You come in with your idea, existing business, or dream! You might be just starting, or running a full fledged business, and need someone who thinks out of the box, yet not so far out that they forget that it’s all about generating revenue.

You will be guided through the process in 2, 1 hour calls that gives you focus, a specific 90 Day Strategy, and the best direction to head in now. This has literally saved 6-12 months of wasted time, and now it’s available to you for an less than the cost of a web page, blog, or seminar. And it’s all about you, guaranteed, and kept 100% confidential (unless of course you want us to help you spread the word, which is often advised).

Level 2. Performance Marketing Systems: 
Why choose tactics like search or social media, when you can find the perfect strategy for you?

At this stage you want more than advice, you want someone to help you develop the strategy, and even better, help you execute it with your Team.

Let me develop your strategy, whether you are a startup or a large corporation with a division that must succeed. Few have been able to apply the diverse skills each of these requires, and easily apply them to your specific business objective.

In Level 2, you will get help in developing your strategy and putting it into action within 90 days, or even faster if you need it.

Level 3. Partners in Profits 

Simply Responsive is a full partner in many of its projects, tied into overall revenue and results.

  • Objective: Give you more than a consultation; you get full involvement from strategy to team training to marketing execution, with direction from Simply Responsive.


  • Why? Because you cannot afford to risk your business on business newcomers, employees who are afraid of rocking the boat, and a general lack of experience, especially when it comes to performance marketing and generating revenue.


  • Now! In this economy, you cannot afford to waste any more time. It’s amazing that to this day people will fool around for a year, learning what to do, and not consider that a loss of revenue. Time is the biggest asset you have, both in terms of business survival and your customer’s perception of your business.

Your brand, how they remember you, is now tied into 3 new marketing funnels – Attention, Intention, and Retention, because social and mobile has become a layer between you and your customer, driven by different key performance indicators.

What your audience does with smartphones and tablets is not what they do with their PC. They want visuals and video, more than long text; they want things they can share, not just another ad you put together to convince them to buy today. And they want it now!

Attention Conversion will help any business, of any size, easily target and execute their business marketing, customer service, and communications based on the fact that their audience won’t likely be in front of a computer the next time they look for something.

You have to create a culture in your business and with your customers, instead of implementing random tactics like social media without any knowledge of how to truly evaluate, measure, and optimize these channels while building your brand with your audience. A good brand reputation increases sales and repeat sales.

What’s needed is a new, digital business model for a normal business – one who is not necessarily selling software or digital services, but is also offering real customers real products in real stores….and building brand every step of the way, at every touch point.