In a digital world, branding leads to revenue.

You want to share your story, so you begin creating it separate from your audience. Why not immerse yourself in their story and adapt.

Attention, Intention, Retention – The Active Cohorts Framework

Active Cohorts

Remember the first time you visited a place where every sight, sound, and action seemed so special?

Because when you visit a new place, you notice everything. After a few days, even this fades away.

Your audience wants to see, …

If everything is changing because of social and mobile,
where is the business performance and results for you?

Just like everything online is merging, the world of branding and conversion are melding. I call it Brevenue – branding that creates revenue – and here’s 5 minutes on what it means.…

If you don’t love your customer, someone else will.

Content marketing strategy begins with love and participation.

Social media is where customer service and support build retention and sales.

Why should anyone come back and remember your brand, and buy from you?…